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Launch: November 2011

Agency: Adventa LOWE

Client: adidas


As a kick-off for the 2012 Euro Championship activities, Adidas wanted to create a digital centerpiece that would establish themselves as the leading football brand—as well as create buzz around the launch of the new national team jersey.


We accepted the challenge with enthusiasm and decided to implement the idea the way most fans would appreciate and new ones—support. It’s not a simple buy-a-jersey-get-a-prize promo; the whole site is a stadium with more than 30 000 people signed in and supporting the national team!

The timing was crazy as the launch was scheduled in less than a month. All the initial features were done in time and many others were added later on, including the dressing room, online shop and product pages. Players from the football team also took part in the process by providing special “thank you” in personal videos.


Critics warmly accepted our work and noted the high level of technical realization, public recognition and effective mechanics. Ukraine’s national team received the encouragement it needed most.