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Launch: May 2012



We got a proposal from interactive studio MINIVEGAS to take part in the production of a microsite for ADIDAS for the upcoming UEFA Champions League Final in Munich.


One week prior to the UEFA Champions League Final ADIDAS transformed Munich, the city where the Final took place, into the mile of decision-making. At more than 15 locations in the city centre, passers-by could show their colours: "All in for Chelsea" or "All in for Bayern Munich". The choice of the right coffee mug, of the right staircase at Saturn, of the red or blue scoop of ice-cream or even of the corresponding velotaxi was a decision in favour of one of the two finalists.

With the help of automatic counting technologies and an Android app developed especially for this purpose, the "choices" were counted and recorded in real time on this microsite.

Anyone who could not be there in person had the option of assigning an avatar which would represent users from all over the world and perform the desired actions. Each avatar had a tablet and a streaming device attached to their head. By taking the queue on the website the users' name appeared on the interactive tablet to indicate that the vote was being made for the user, simultaneously the live stream camera was showing this to the viewer so that they could see their personal voting.

FIX Digital was doing the front and back end development of the website using html and javascript. The website was adapted for mobile devices and we also developed 3 android applications: streaming app, interactive tablet for avatars and  counting app for counting on offline locations, so that in places where the there were no automated system the votes of people on the streets were still counted in.

Each evening at 22.00, the results of the "choices" were presented by way of a spectacular 3D mapping projection that was stunning to watch and impressive to listen to.

The whole website was built in undertime of 3 weeks. At the moment the website is live displaying the activity which went on at the week of streaming and broadcast.


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