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Launch: November 2011

Agency: BBDO

Client: Eclipse


In a city, where 3 million people live, a desperate guy is looking for a girl of his dream. The search of dream girl is a double-sided game: for guys it’s a detective story (find a person by description), and girls see it as a beauty contest and participate to help him.


We created a mechanics that inspires users to plunge into activities on the website and earn points. Then a prize drawing takes place and the more points the user gets the higher are his chances to win a prize. For stimulating users a level system was introduced. Achieving a new level and systematic web site visiting results in an encouragement—bonus points. Authorization is done by Facebook and Vkontakte accounts.


Photo contest (girls only); inviting girls to take part in the photo contest (boys only); photo voting, identikit game, sharing achievements in social media.


4500 registered users in 1 month.